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Hat Styles For Women That You Will Love

There exist numerous hat styles for women and hat styles for men from all over the world. Hat designs are evolving every day. Some designs are elaborate, elegant, feminine and masculine and some are for whatever you may be doing on a particular day.

Would you like to learn the origin of various hat styles? Perhaps you are curious what year a particular hat style got its start. Maybe you’re wondering why and how a certain hat design came into existence?

We will be producing additional articles for the wide range of hat designs that are currently available. So please check back as more articles will be added.

Let us start by focusing on some popular women hat styles. Such as; the women Fedora, women Bucket hats, Kentucky Derby hats for women, women sun hats are all favorite hats of many women.

The Fedora Has A Cool History

This is a favorite hat of mine because it has evolved into a style having multiple variations while maintaining its original design. Today this hat is worn for many occasions. It’s sleek and stylish. When do you think this hat style came into existence?

Let’s take a journey back to the year 1882, so we can see how and why the Fedora gained appeal.

Sex symbol actress Sarah Bernhardt showcased the hat as a costume piece in the 1882 play Fe’dora. Sarah played the role as a heroine, a Russian princess named Fe’dora Romanoff. In the play, (Sarah Bernhardt), a notorious cross-dresser, wore a center creased, soft brimmed hat.


    Women Original Fedora Style  

Modern Fedora

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Due to the fedora’s linking with a public figure who was assertive, sexually liberated and took on masculine roles, the women’s rights movement adopted it as a symbol. From that date onward it became very popular among young women.

This style is now known as the Fedora which has been produced for 137 years. The playwright Victorian Sardou probably never imagined that the Fedora would be popular for over 100 years after his death in 1909.

            Lady Wide Brim
               Wool Fedora
      Vintage Fedora
Wide Brim Straw Fedora

Victoria Fedora Sun Hat

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Sarah Bernhardt, born in 1844, had an amazing acting career, she toured the world, wearing many hat styles in her plays. The Fedora women’s hats were still very popular when she died in 1923 while filming her first motion picture film in her Paris home.

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Bucket Hats Served With A Unique History

The bucket hat or fishing hat emerged from Ireland. What year do you think it was designed and made? If you guessed 1900, then you are exactly right! Originally made from wool felt or tweed cloth, these hats were traditionally worn by Irish farmers and fishermen as protection from the rain, because the lanolin from the unwashed wool made these hats naturally waterproof.

Countrymen and ramblers soon sought after the bucket hat, then known by many as the Irish Country Hat. In addition to its water-resistant properties, it was easy to wash and store in a jacket pocket.

A bucket hat is a piece of head-wear with full, downward sloping brim, typically made from cotton. The crown of a bucket hat can vary in structure and size, and often features functional ventilation holes.

Wide Brim Bucket Hat
Ventilated Bucket Hat

Bucket Beach Floppy Sun Hat

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This hats popularity changed direction, what direction did it go? The durable qualities of the bucket hat motivated the U.S. military to implement them during World War II, for the purpose of shielding troops heads and eyes from the sun, preventing heat-related illnesses and glare while shooting firearms.

In the 1950s Felt Bucket Hats exploded into women’s fashion.

     1950s Felt Bucket Hats

What happened to the bucket hat in the 1960s and 70s? It took on another transformation, redesigned slightly by the U.S. military. This modified bucket hat gave birth to the Boonie Hat during the Vietnam War.

 Original Tiger Stripe Boonie Hat

Wide Brim Boonie Hat

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Did the bucket hat disappear? No, not at all !! In fact by the end of the 60s  and 70s it was very popular among women as well as men.

   1960s Bucket Hat
        Bucket Hat with Bow













What style and impacts did the bucket hat have during the 80s and 90s? This bucket style design basically stayed the same while adopting a little more elegance, it gained a very large and successful boost through the cultural movements of hip hop and raving.


         Stylish Bow Bucket
Wool Bucket with Bow

















Solar Bucket Hat

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What about today are bucket hats still popular? Yes, more than ever. These hats have gained momentum and are popular all over the world. This design is available for men, women and children. Has a very practical use for cultures throughout the entire world.

Kentucky Derby Hats That Symbolize Fashion

Do you dare go without sporting a Hat? Do you know when the Kentucky Derby Horse Race had its first race? What sets the Kentucky Derby apart from other sports and entertainment events? It’s the Hats!

Meet me back in time, during the days of Horse and Carriages. The time when 1875 became a pivotal year for Louisville Kentucky, the fashion industry blossomed along with the beginning of horse racing. Part Southern tradition, part spectacle, the Kentucky Derby hat parade is much of what makes “The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports” one of the greatest people-watching events in the world!

The long-established fashion was started with Col. Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr.’s vision for the Derby as an event that the high-class would attend, similar to European-style racing events, which mandated full morning dress for men and women.

For the first running of the Kentucky Derby, Mr Clark used high-class women to recruit his target clientele to attend the race.

More than 10,000 spectators attended the first Kentucky Derby on a sunny spring Monday in 1875. The event quickly became just as much about fashion as the racing.

Ladies Satin Dress Hat

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Going to a horse racing event became an opportunity to show off the latest in spring fashion and women were known to coordinate their hats, dresses, bags, shoes, and even parasols. Their stylish hats is the highlight of their attire. If women went to this event without a hat, they were considered indecent.

Spiral Bow Floral Kentucky Derby Hat

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The extravagant hats that have become associated with the Kentucky Derby greatly stepped up its game in the 1960s, when social fashion norms loosened up and the presence of television gave women a reason to stand out. Women’s hats became larger, brighter, and more extravagant.

Wide Brim Flounce Cocktail Kentucky Derby Hat

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You may be wondering are stylish hats for women as important today as it was in the 1960s? Absolutely, hats are as important as peanut butter is to jelly. Hats worn at the Kentucky Derby is as important as the horse race. Certain hat styles for men and hat styles for women is expected to be the proper etiquette for this event.

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Sun Hats That Have Not Lost Their Style

It’s presumed that sun hats have been around since heads have been around. Our modern heads sure appreciate a good hat. Knowing how damaging the sun’s rays can be, we really value a good sun hat. Are you ready for another journey? Let’s take another journey back in time, lets look at how women’s sun hats have evolved over the years, and where they’re at today.

Beach Straw Hat

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When were sun hats invented and what were they called? The first hat with a large brim for protection from the sun appeared in the 18th century. It was a popular hat for women during this time, and was called a Shepherdess.

The Shepherdess hat also became known as the Bergère or Milkmaid hat.

In the 1700’s, hats began to come into their own; fashionable hats became as important as the function of hats.

At this time in sun hat history, what hat material was used the most? If you are thinking straw, your correct. At first the straw hat was designed to be functional, by the mid 1700s, ladies straw hats transitioned from lowly provincial garb to elegant headgear worthy of a lady.


German Bergere 1720-1750
Shepherdess Hat and Dress
Modern Shepherdess











What happened to the sun hat in the 1800s? It branched out into new designs. The bonnet comes to fashion as a sun hat. Bonnet’s shape was different, with the crown at the back of the head, and the brim projecting forward to shade the face.


Bonnet 1808-1903
Bonnet Chart 1820-1925

Pilgrim Puritan Felt Bonnet

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Did sun hats designed like the 1700s Shepherdess and Bergere disappear? No, not at all, the same basic design of the Shepherdess remained very popular in the 1800s and 1900s. For the past 400 years this design saw a lot of modifications to the point of becoming an elegant women’s hat, while remaining a large brimmed hat.

So if you purchase a wide brimmed sun hat made out of straw, currently you are still in style!!!

Paper Braid Summer Hat

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We have taken a small journey back in time identifying how and when 4- hat styles got their start.

Women’s Fedora gained its fame from an 1882 play entitled: Fe’dora. Currently there are many beautiful Fedora’s made from all kinds of material. You can own a plain looking Fedora or a fancy Fedora.

Women Bucket Hats were originally designed by the Irish in 1900. It was a fishing hat by choice, also became a practical everyday use hat. Currently this hat style is more popular today than it was when it was originally designed.

Kentucky Derby Hats became fashionable since 1875 when the Kentucky Derby had its first race. These stylish women hats have elegant designs, flashy colors and exquisite lines. There are also fashionable men hats designed for the Derby. Everyone attending this event must wear a hat designed for the Derby. Kentucky Derby hats are as important as the horse races.

Sun Hats have been around since heads have been around. It appears these large brimmed hats will be around for a long time. Designed to protect us from the sun and is available as a plain look or if you prefer the elegant fancy look. The sun hat design is here to stay.

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Tonya F.

Really Interesting information. When I was a teenager I wore hats a lot…then I got out of the habit. However, I always told myself that when I am an old lady I will wear quirky hats and not give a care as to anyone elses opinion of them. I just turned 50, so I should start shopping! Haha Thanks for the inspiration!


Hi Tonya, glad to have inspired you. We have a wide range of Women Hat Styles, adding more each week. Hats definitely define our individual style. Be your stylish self and Get Your Cool On!!! It doesn’t matter what others think, if you like it, that is all that matters..
Email me if you have any questions of a Hat Style that you like.
Thank You


Really enjoyed background information!! Was drawn to vintage fedora and bucket hats (which I hadn’t seen before)
Nice work!


Hi Tammy, thanks for your interest in the background information. The vintage Fedora and Bucket Hats are good choices for a cool look. Both styles are very popular and stylish. We are adding more hats each week, please check back with us to help you find the stylish hats you may want.
Email me if you have any questions of a Hat Style that you like.
Thank You


Hi I really like how the steam punk stuff is they have weird but cool goggles and really fantastic art on old faishon hats.


Hi Seth, yes steam punk hats are very unique, a lot of steampunk hats are hand made by the hat designer. Thanks for your comment.


Looks like you’ve done your research on these hats. Very informative.


Hi Stacy, I have always enjoyed wearing hats and learning of it’s history. It does take a lot of time learning about history, for me it’s something I like to do. The past defines our future, I’m glad you like this information, Thanks for commenting.


Cool info. Who knew they had that much history!


Yes it’s amazing how for back in time that people were influenced by hat fashion. Quite often people wore hats as a functional part of their everyday wardrobe. Thanks for leaving a comment.


I didn’t know there was that much info and history on hats! Interesting. I really like the pink vintage Fedora hat and also the bucket bow hat. Very cute! I think it’s cool that back in the days people would buy all kinds of hats and keep them in hat boxes to go with their outfits. Would have been neat to live back then!


Hi Kara, yes that practice was done for 100’s or years. In fact men and women are doing the same now, they are buying and wearing hats that match different outfits. There are some really cool hats available. I personally have several hats that match my wardrobe, it actually adds style to our appearance. Thanks for your comment.


Hi Art, I love absolutely love this post about ladies hats. And I’m in love with that hat in the first image, the ladies Fedora; it’s just beautiful!
Hats, I’ve been told, really suit me and your post has reminded me I should really wear them more. Thanks, and keep up the great work!


Hi Stefanie, thank you very much for your comment. I agree with you, I think you will look very dashing in a Fedora, I am going to continue to highlight various hat styles and eventually will have them available for purchase. Perhaps you might also like other hat styles, please check back and thanks again for your comment!


Thank you for this lovely article.
Very informative!


Hi Dragana, thank you very much for your comment. I’ll be adding more information about various hat styles, please check back you might like a particular hat style you just have to have, thanks again for your comment!


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