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Ladies Hat Styles With Diverse Victorian Designs.

Ladies hats were around since the beginning of man’s existence. Artifacts reveal some unique and exotic designs from all over the world that dates back thousands of years. Many of these diverse hat designs have been duplicated into modern fashion. It’s amazing to see century’s old hat designs gain popularity into today’s fashion.  In this Post we will examine ladies hat styles from the Victorian era.

It’s interesting how things become popular among us humans, we see people who are outstanding in sports, music, the arts, science, choreographers, political leaders, celebrates, etc wear certain appealing clothing that we want to copy. We like the styles they wear so we adopt them into our personal wardrobe. Some of these styles fade out quickly while others remain popular for hundreds even thousands of years.

Are Some Women’s Hat Designs Influenced By Older Designs?

In today’s societies there are many older designs that we are fascinated with, we duplicate some and we add on or modify these older designs. For example; Steampunk Couture has introduced amazing designs in clothing and hats based on the Victorian era.

Some fashion among this culture is duplicated but possible most of it is modified by incredible imaginative designers. Some of these designers have come up with completely new designs that fit in nicely with Steampunk Culture.

The Victorian Era That Influences Today’s Fashion.

Do you know when the Victorian era began and what country this style originated from? If your thinking late 1800s early 1900s and originated in America, then you are not quite correct. In the history of the United Kingdom, the Victorian era was the period of Queen Victoria’s reign; her rulership began June 20th 1837 and lasted until her death on January 22 1901.  This era lasted 64 years and introduced many new unique women’s clothing and hat designs.

Here is a portrait of Queen Victoria:women-victorian-hatsIn this portrait Queen Victoria is wearing her small crown. During her reign lavish fashion became very popular among the high and middle class societies which included lavish women’s hats.

Victorian Hat Styles 1837 -1901.

victorian hat styles



As we can see by the Victorian Hat Styles above, there were many stylish hats that were designed and produced. This era was during the industrial revolution when mass production was invented and many factories were built in order to keep up with supply and demand. Before this time period most hats were hand made and took a longer time to produce.  In our current era factories throughout the world make most of our hats, but some hats are still custom made by hand.

Modern Victorian Style Hats For The  21st Century.

Victorian style hat designers have altered the original Victorian style in many ways. These modern designs are as unique as its designers who make these hats popular today. The wide variety in color and elegance is amazingly beautiful for all occasions. Today’s modern materials allow the designer to create many different styles while possessing the original base style of the Victorian era.

Here are some modern Victorian hats:

Elegant Victorian Dress Hat

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Victorian Tea Hat

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Misses Wide Brim Victorian

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Victorian Top Hat Rose Veil

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Victorian Layered Floral Feathers

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There are many more ladies hat styles available today than ever before and there are many more Victorian era hat style variations than what existed in the 1800s. The Victorian era hats are a great example of hat styles lasting for hundreds of years.

There is a modern culture that evolved from this era called Steampunk. Steampunk is growing into many subcultures with its own individual unique fashion designs. These subcultures have unique hat designs branching out from the Victorian era that has inspired completely new fashions that are quickly becoming mainstream.

Probably no one living during the Victorian era thought that their lifestyle would be influential to people living hundreds of years after they were long gone.

Would you like to know more about Women’s Steampunk Hats? Okay, Please click on this link to the Post entitled: Steampunk Hats for Women.

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Dianna Payne

I really like the Victorian hat


Glad you like the Victorian Hat, these are nice stylish hats that many ladies wear for multiple occasions.
Please visit us again we are adding many more Victorian Hat styles.
Thank You


Cool info. People really took pride in hats back then.


Hi Shaina, thanks, yes they did, we are seeing a trend starting, there are more and more people wearing hats as part of their wardrobe. Many are adding hats to top of their style with stylish hats.


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