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Steampunk Hats For Men.

In a previous Post, Steampunk Hats For Women, presented the history of how Steampunk began. If you want to read about Steampunk history, please click on this link, >>> Steampunk History,  then return here by clicking on the Link at bottom of that Post, Link will return you here, so you can continue reading about Steampunk Hats For Men.

Men’s Steampunk hats and fashion has also adopted the elements of the Victorian, Edwardian and the Wild Wild West eras.

Victorian Era Men’s Hat Charts



Steampunk Designs Based On The Victorian Style Hats. 

If you look closely at the base hat design of the Victorian, Edwardian and Wild Wild West Eras, you will notice that these base hat designs is what is used to add the elements of steampunk to each individual hat design. These elements consist of steam-power items such as; the 1800’s goggles, gears, cogs and various apparatuses that resemble this era.

Steampunk Elements 




Gear Elements





Example: the hat designers and makers will take, let’s say a Lincoln Top Hat and attach or mold into the hat certain elements representing steam-power that was used in the 1800’s. Each hat designer has their own unique designs. You won’t find two hats alike unless the hat designer makes multiple hats that look the same. Most Steampunk Hats are hand made. Although we are seeing manufacturers starting to make these hats in their factories, so they will provide multiple hats of the same design.

Men’s Steampunk Hats Expounded Upon The Designs From 1800’s.

The base design comes from hat designs of the 1800’s. Were there many different hat designs during the Victorian Era? Yes quite a few, Top Hat styles were the most popular in the 1800’s. Here is a list of the most popular Top Hat styles; Hi Top, Squire, Mad Hatter, Low Top, Gambler, The Prince, Topper, The Beau, John Bull, Tall Lincoln Top Hat, Black Non-Collapsible and Morning.

Please look at the charts above so you can see what each base hat design looks like in this list. Below you will see Steampunk Top Hats.





 Top Hat Scientist Time Traveler

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Deluxe Bell Topper

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Were their other well known hat styles? Yes, many more! Many fashionable men wore a more stylish design that powered up their attire. Here is a list of these stylish hats: Boston, Alpine, Golf Caps, Yacht, Fedora, Varsity, Bowler, Harvard, Flat Brim Sailor, and Soft Brim.



Steampunk Bowler










Black Handwork Bowler

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Is their any more appealing hat styles? Yes here is another group of hats we don’t want to overlook. Some of these hat styles originated from other countries that were also popular in the Victorian era. Let me share that list with you; French, Gray Silk German, French Light Brown Felt, English, Hungarian, Derby, The Pork Pie, Broadway, Melon, The Gauze also know as The Clergyman, Oxford University Cap, Tourist, Miller, Pocket also known as Crush Hat, Western, Bucket and Esno.


Steampunk Western
Steampunk Cap










  Steampunk Western Hat

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Are Steampunk Hats On The Seen To Stay?

We are experiencing the Steampunk Culture coming alive as a world wide movement of fashion and culture. Steampunk Hats is a very important and fashion statement of our own personality. Our hats can show whatever degree our masculinity may be. It will also highlight our own personality and demeanor we portray. Sometimes our attire will show what mood we are currently in.

Just like the hats in the 1800’s showed one’s status, it does the same for us today. Steampunk Culture has become a life style for many people. The more popular this movement becomes the more hat styles will be produced.

There are a handful of hat designers and makers who will custom make a steampunk hat, giving you the look you may want. Keep in mind these hats are hand made, so conveying the style you want is very important, so you will need to stay in touch with your hat maker as this process unfolds.

Men’s Steampunk Hats Are Still In Their Production Infancy.

Why do I say this? The main base style of steampunk hats are made out of top hats. There is only a few made out of other styles like the Fedora, Bowler, Derby, The Pork Pie, Panama, Western, Bucket, Tourist, Boston and there are many more hat styles that very few people are making steampunk hat styles out of.

This is a huge market of styles that has not developed thus for. Let’s ask ourselves, will this huge market of steampunk hats for men be filled? Yes, someday soon, there is so much creativity available in producing stylish men’s steampunk hats! Get on board and start creating!


Steampunk is one of the most interesting cultures that has recently developed and came to its’ own existence.  Fashion and hats coming from this culture has very creative and unique designs. This phenomenon evolved all over the world at the same time based on steam-power and the 1800’s hat and clothing designs.

These hat designs are so unique and stylish, drawing many people into this culture. The creativity is so vast, in fact it comes from many different people throughout the world.

It appears there will be many more evolving designs for more impressive steampunk hats for men. This culture appears it is in the infancy stage developing many more creative and unique designs.

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6 comments on “Steampunk Hats For Men.


Very Good Article,

Thanks for the time and research put into this article.

I love all things industrial as well as that era along with Victorian and the Wild West. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era.

Thanks for helping me dream a bit as I read your article.

I like hats and have a few, but struggle to find what I want that also fit my big head.
Time to find a custom hat maker, any suggestions?

Who knows, maybe a Steam Punk will be in the running!


Hi Nathan, thanks for your interest in this Post. I also like that Era, many cool designs of Hats that are still being produced. It’s amazing these styles that are 100s of years old are still popular today!



Ohhh, I love the whole steampunk thing, the hats are so cool, and i can see where you can come up with endless custom variations on designs for those. Ever since I caught an episode of Castle that takes place in an exclusive steampunk club, I’ve been thinking about the styles, the clothes, and various accoutrements of that ‘genre’ if you will, the watches and jewelry, the antique guns. But just the hat alone would make the look i think!


Hi Zardozmania, yes I too love the steampunk hats, to me the style is appealing and one of a kind. There really is no end to the creativity behind making these hats. Thanks for your comment, appreciate your interest.


Steam punk hats are incredibly beautiful! First got a glimpse of it after seeing pictures of late scientists and it was more like their hallmark in that era. However, as of late, steam punk hats seem to be undergoing a form of extinction rather than evolution, even though there are still steam punk hats produced today


Hi Ennymatics, Steampunk Hats are stunning, most are one of a kind hats. We’re noticing men starting to get into the fashion side of Steampunk and wearing hats that go well with their attire. Women were definitely dominating this culture but now more and more men are embracing this stylish appearance. Thanks for commenting on this Post. 


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