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Steampunk Hats For Women.

Steampunk is an amazing culture that continues to evolve into very unique fashions, paintings, art, music, movies and novels which has influenced becoming a way of life.

This is an intriguing story, one that is centered on fashion with very stylish clothing and steampunk hats for women and men. You might be surprised to know that steampunk’s start came from people of various backgrounds and imagination.

When And How Did Steampunk Culture Begin?

Steampunk began as an imaginary world in the minds of people from the 1800’s traveling into our present day. This alternate history is based on steam-power technology which created inventions, house-hold and personal apparatuses, books, cartoons, movies, past and present art, paintings, fantasy and science fiction. It has embraced practically every fabric of our imaginary and physical lives.

We can compare their imagination of the future, with our science fiction imagination of the future. In our modern minds we imagine living on Mars, our Moon and other planets or building mega cities in outer space. We dream of these things which runs wild in our imagination, focusing on what life will be like 100’s of years from now, based on our current technologies.

This new culture is inspired by the fashions of the 1800,s Victorian, Edwardian and Wild Wild West eras. These modern day fashions are also embedded with steam technology that is integrated into the stylish clothing and hats we wear.

1800s London and Paris Ladies Hats
1880-1890 Victorian Hats

How Was This Imaginary Lifestyle Fueled Over The Past 200 Years?

The fuel of our imagination was supercharged in the 1950,s and 1960’s by a variety of writers from different parts of the world, who somehow were on the same wavelength! These different individuals wrote futuristic fantasy novels, comic books and began producing science fiction movies based on what we conceive the future would be like in a world dominated by steam-power technology mixed with our current technologies.

One of the first TV series portraying the elements of Victorian and Edwardian fashion that incorporated techno-fantasy. This TV series ran from 1965 – 1969, most of you may remember “Wild Wild West. If not, I’m sure you saw or read about the 1995 movie entitled Wild Wild West. This movie is based on steam-power and 1800’s men and women fashion.

It wasn’t until 1987 that this culture was dubbed Steampunk. Shortly after naming this new culture, it catapulted into a new industry based on all the elements mentioned thus far in this Post.

What Has Steampunk Culture Evolved Into?

By the 2000’s Steampunk has developed into a truly unique and fun lifestyle. Today this lifestyle is enjoyed by 100,000’s of people roaming this planet. There are annual conventions and festivals in; UK, London, Japan, China, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. What aspects of human living does Steampunk Culture influence? Short answer > EVERYTHING.

Mad Scientist Top Hat

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Top Hat with Goggles

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Wool with Goggles

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Black Steampunk Top Hat with Copper Colored Gears and Goggles

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Gold and Silver Top Hat

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Is Steampunk Here To Stay?

Absolutely! Steampunk is now a mainstream way of life. We find Steampunk influencing practically every facet of our lives. From literature to movies which highlight Steampunk Fashion, fine arts and paintings, DIY crafts, bicycles, time pieces, cell phones, music, clothing, hats, boots, men and women jewelry, knives, guns, hand tools, gadgets, entertainment systems the list goes on and on.

Steampunk Corset Skirt

Victorian Gothic Steampunk Gothic Victorian

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Steampunk is a unique and fascinating culture that spans across our planet that has been in the making for over 200 years. It has elements of cultures dating back to the Victorian, Edwardian and Wild Wild West eras that began in the 1800’s that has been expounded upon up to our current date.

The fashion industry is where we find fascinating designers of clothing and hats. Most of these designers have their own unique designs with their own personal touch.

Steampunk Culture is steeped in fantasy, unlimited imagination, technology from steam-power that is real and imaginary. Fashion is produced to have all these elements wrapped up in it’s final product. Amazingly it’s not limited to a specific dominated industry, in fact, anyone of us can produce real tangible objects that represent steampunk elements. Steampunk Culture is like an open source project only limited by our imagination.

So be creative, get involved and have fun with this culture! Keep producing fascinating clothing for men, women and children. Of course, don’t forget to increase stylish steampunk hats for women, men and children. Let your imagination be your guide!

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