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Today’s Kentucky Derby Hats For Women!

Kentucky Derby women’s hats are the most lavish and eloquent hats made for the lower, middle and upper class societies. These Kentucky Derby Hats for Women differentiate from each other by the material used, whether it was hand made (couture) by an individual skilled milliner or produced by a Millinery. Perhaps you are a DIY person and make your own Derby Hat. Of course the price is dictated by these factors.

The custom hat making process is very labor intensive that requires someone with extraordinary imagination and skills which takes many years to master. Many women seek for a one of a kind elaborate newly thought of design. They start searching for their hat of choice months in advance because it may take several weeks to make their special best of the best Derby Hat.

Is this an easy process? Hardly. These stylish Ladies search the world over for a couture hat artist who has the skills to create these special unique designs. They search the USA, France, Rome, London and Milan to find their ultimate hat connoisseur. These hats can cost $500 to over $2,000 US dollars.

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Wide Brim Leaf Flower

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Amaryllis Ascot Sinamay Curls and Feathers

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Collared Dove Long Feather Ascot

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Cloche Bucket Hat

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Derby Dress Hat

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Feather Party Pillbox Hat

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Are Fascinators A Headwear Option For The Derby?

Absolutely! Fascinators are just as popular as hats. It is smaller than a hat and just as stylish. Generally it consists of a thin narrow half loop, comb or headband that fastens onto your head which is embedded with a veil or netting, feathers, bows and other extravagant materials.

Fascinators is becoming more elaborate and stylish every year.  This type of headwear is being made from materials that didn’t exist just ten years ago. The more modern material that is invented the more  variety of Fasinators can be designed and produced. Wearing a Fascinator is lighter, just as sexy and smaller in size.

Feather Mesh Flower

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Red Hat Society

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Tea Party Fedora

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Ascot Fascinator with Alice Band

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Elegant Flowers Linen Pillbox

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Ribbons Flower Feathers Fedoras

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Attire Tips To Help Grandstand Your Hat or Fascinator.

The age old question > what should I wear? The answer, whatever you want that keeps your attire classy.

  • If the hat is simple, your attire should be simple with just a little pa-sass. KISS, ( keep it simple sexy ) !!!
  • If you want to wear outlandish attire, let your hat be the focal point that stands out the most.
  • If your hat is projecting that your here to party, keep it simple.
  • If you have long hair place it to one side or wear a ponytail to one side showing your beautiful face.
  • If you have a really elegant and eccentric hat, your attire should be a little less eccentric but simple, not to overshadow your beautiful hat.

Weather Will Affect Your Attire Choice.

Keep in mind May could be cold or really hot or anything in between. So prepare to wear layers that can be easily taken off. You may be wondering if I have to remove clothing where will I put it. We’ll get to that in a second.

If it is going to be really Hot, dress to be cool and comfortable. You may want to bring a light piece of clothing to put on when it cools down toward the evening.


Having a stylish bag that is comfortable to carry either with a comfortable shoulder strap, by hand, create or buy a stylish comfortable backpack. Make sure your bag matches and showcases your elegant hat. If you choose a backpack make sure it is small and is easy to take off and put on. If you can get one where the front straps easily allows you to loosen them, making it easy to take off and on.

What accessories will I need to carry? Keep in mind you will be doing a lot of walking so pack as light as possible. Here is a list of accessories you might consider packing. 

  1. Shoes, a spare pair of comfortable flats.
  2. Bottle of water.
  3. Poncho for rain and warmth.
  4. Sunscreen.
  5. Sunglasses.
  6. Your Program.
  7. Phone or camera for taking pics.
  8. A small purse or wallet for your money, wagers and other paper items. Please make sure your wallet will be securely fastened or in an interior pocket.
  9. Any other essentials you want to take.
  10. Keep in mind you want to pack as light as possible and have a bag for these contents as small as possible.


Wear small enough jewelry that doesn’t over power your hat, it’s all about the hats!  You may want to wear Kentucky Derby themed jewelry.


The Kentucky Derby is a once a year Event known and attended by people from all over the world! It is where you will see some of the most elegant impressive hats from the world over. The Ladies dress in lavishly extravagant attire wearing a hat that tops off their exquisite taste!

Kentucky Derby hats for women are the highlight of this event, you will see celebrities strolling down the red carpet presenting their one of a kind beautiful hat attire. This Red Carpet event is broadcast on TV all over the world. You will be a participant of this event as the TV cameras scours the crowd for more extravagantly dressed Ladies.

Ladies please go prepared with the essentials you will need, the weather can be beautifully calm or it can be harsh. You will be thanking yourself for taking the time to pack your personal accessories in an awesome bag.

The main thing is showcase your stylish hat and attire while enjoying yourself at this once a year Event.

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